IRS Scam – Yet Another

BEWARE, yet another attempt by some misguided thief looking to steal your identity, your IRS refund or both.  As before, this scam is NOT being run by the IRS – but the thieves are using the IRS’s name and logo to perpetrate this scam.  I received this e-mail scam this morning and immediately logged in to warn everyone.  This scam intends to get you to click a link which no doubt leads to an ‘official looking’ IRS website where they ask for your personal details – I don’t know for certain, because I don’t click on links I am absolutely certain are scams, particularly ones that say they are from the IRS.  The IRS simply does not work this way!!!  They do NOT ask for any personal information in an e-mail – and they certainly don’t send an email with a link.  If they send any e-mails out, they will tell you to go to and how to get where you need to go from there – they do NOT provide a link – especially like the scam e-mail I am reproducing below.  By the way, I have disabled the link in the e-mail, as I definitely do NOT want to further this scam by accident.  I am here to PROTECT your information, NOT help you lose it!

SCAM E-MAIL BELOW (for informational purposes ONLY – this is NOT a valid IRS e-mail);jsessionid=dZ4gA0UWJThN6hHtcmmiBdOo

Attention Applicant,

The contents of this email and any attachments are confidential and as applicable, copyright in these is reserved to the Internal Revenue Service.
Unless expressly authorised by us, any further dissemination or distribution of this email or its attachments is prohibited.

We bring to your attention: Direct Deposit Information Validation, prior to commencement of the 2014 Federal Tax refund season.

To access your tax validation, please follow the reference below:

REFERENCE  (this is where the SCAM LINK was, that I removed for security)

After completing the form, please submit the form by clicking the PROCESS button on form and allow us 5-9 business days for processing.

Internal Revenue Service

Acest email este fără viruși sau programe dăunătoare deoarece avast! Antivirus este activ.

Another way you can tell that this is a scam is that the IRS does not use a virus software that puts a banner at the bottom of their emails – particularly one in Romanian!!!

Oh, and yet another clue that this is NOT from the IRS is in the opening phrase – ‘Dear Applicant’ ???  You should be asking yourself, ‘What did I apply for, particularly from the IRS?????’ – if you get an email that looks anything like this, PLEASE call me and I’ll let you know if it is real or just another scam.