Our Concept

Our concept of a tax office is different than others – Income taxes are stressful enough, we want you to be comfortable and at ease in our office.  To see this first hand, take a tour of our office on the “our office” page – you can see that our office looks quite different than what you are used to – the flat screen television (that can have either network tv or family friendly DVD’s – like the Lego movie and Batman), the comfortable sofa rather than straight backed chairs (although we have a few of those in case we have anyone wanting that experience) the children’s play area with crayons and coloring books for the younger set, and those are just the amenities you can see.

Our tax preparation concept is that the client should not be made to suffer to get their taxes done.  What do we mean by that?

Think of your last visit to a tax office – was it ‘fun’?  Taxes just aren’t fun, but here you don’t have to sit and watch while we type out your name and address for what seems like an eternity – Our concept is to have you fill out a short questionnaire and then have a 10 – 15 minute ‘interview’ with you to clarify any additional questions we may have.  You are then free to leave and go about your life – get some lunch – go shopping – whatever.  We work on your taxes, calling you if we have any additional questions or when we are done, and you come back at your convenience, sign them and we file them electronically.  In a hurry to file and get your refund?  Unless you have your own business, a rental property or two, or some other complex issues, we should be able to have your tax return done in an hour (or so) – but you still don’t have to sit in uncomfortable chairs while we do them – we don’t want people to treat us that way, so we won’t treat you that way.

Another concept of our office is convenience: when we have finished your taxes you have the choice of leaving with everything you brought in PLUS another 3 inch stack of tax returns that you then have to find a place to store for years (like every other tax office I’ve ever heard of) OR you can leave with everything you brought in AND a 2 gb flash drive with all your original documents and your signed tax returns saved on it for the same price.  This concept has advantages –

A) it allows you to print off as many copies you want (without going to an office store)

B) you can give the file to a bank if you are trying to get a loan or refinance your current loan

C) if you lose or destroy the information on the drive, I can furnish you another copy of ALL your original documentation and signed tax returns in a matter of moments, regardless of where you are – for FREE.

Could any other tax office can do that?!?!  Would they?!?!

Do the flash drives cost us more than paper?  Of course they do – but they don’t cost YOU more.  Another concept we have is VALUE.  We cost less than any of the national tax offices (H&R Block, Liberty or Jackson Hewitt) for one simple reason – we don’t spend millions on national advertising.  We don’t have a CEO that makes hundreds of thousands (or millions) of dollars a year.  Where do you think the $50 bills Liberty hands out come from?  Your tax preparation fees!  The $75 gift certificate from Jackson Hewitt?  Your tax preparation fees!  The people running those offices also had to pay an enormous franchise fee before they could open – how are they getting their money back?  Your tax preparation fees.  Why would you want to pay extra for these things?  Our concept is to keep our costs low so we can charge what is reasonable – not what we need to pay for national advertising or franchising fees or a millionaire CEO that is completely out of touch with hard working taxpayers.  Our advertising concept is: our clients are our advertisements – if they are happy when they leave, they will tell others about their experience and those people will come to us.  That is the best kind of advertising there is!  Since our happy clients do our advertising, we believe they should be ‘paid’ for it – with lower prices.