Mileage deduction

So, you have a small business and your tax professional is trying to help you get organized so that going forward you will both have an easier time with the deductions.  As nearly everyone knows, the standard mileage deduction is generally much better when calculating automobile expenses than are actual […]

IRS phone calls

You answer the telephone just like you always do, but this time there is a rather stern sounding person on the other side telling you that you owe a good deal of money to the IRS and if you don’t pay it today you will either be sued or the […]


So, you have two taxing agencies – the IRS and AZ Department of Revenue (AZDOR) – both tasked with the same job – bringing in money to their respective areas.  So, which is better, IRS or AZDOR?  or, to put it another way, which is WORSE, the IRS or AZDOR? […]


Remember when we were kids and you would do something you just KNEW your parents wouldn’t approve of?  You thought you could get away with it, only to have your brother or sister ‘snitch’ on you.  Your parents never thought of your sibling being a snitch (not that they would […]


Ok, just a short one here – and I’m going to combine two funny things into one post – because, well, it IS tax season after all, but I didn’t want you to think I abandoned you – which I would never do.  Also, I’m posting these two since I […]