(Obamacare) ACA tax forms

How much is you r tax preparer going to charge you to do the new mandatory ACA tax forms?  I talked to some other tax preparers, both regulated (CPA’s, Lawyers and Enrolled Agents) and non-regulated (like the majority of those at the national firms like H&R Block, Liberty and Jackson Hewitt) and I have found that most will be charging between $100 and $500 just for those forms – on top of what they normally overcharge for their services.

Are the ACA tax forms complex?  Certainly!  Are the new ACA tax forms time consuming?  They sure are!  Is the IRS going to be watching for compliance with the ACA tax forms?  Absolutely!  Do you want a tax preparer that knows the ACA tax forms and can take the stress out of compliance?  I’m guessing you do!

I do not believe that overcharging for tax services is the right thing to do – particularly if it is due to a newly mandated tax form.  Therefore, I will not be charging anything to complete and file the forms that the ACA has mandated.  Not $100, not $50, not one dime!  Call your tax preparer and ask them how much they will be charging for these forms.  If they won’t tell you, or they give you a number that shocks you, consider changing tax preparers.  Go somewhere that wants your business that treats you as a valued client – someone they respect and want to see on an ongoing basis.

Don’t go to your uncle Bob who says he read on the interweb all about how to avoid having to comply with the new ACA tax forms, or your neighbor who bought the $39 version of Turbo tax and swears she knows all there is to know about taxes, or even a national tax office where you will talk to someone you don’t know and have no confidence in.  Don’t choose a tax office because they are giving out a $75 gift certificate to Home Depot, or even $50 bills with each paid tax return.  Those ‘perks’ are costing you much more than they are worth.   Go somewhere that feels like home – or how you’d like home to feel.  Go to a tax office where there is an Enrolled Agent and a Lawyer that can put your mind at ease.  Go to a tax office that won’t overcharge you Life is too short to risk getting a call or letter from a grumpy IRS agent telling you the ACA tax forms you signed are filled out wrong.

We at Brady’s Tax Services care.  We want you to be happy when you leave our office.  If you aren’t happy with our service – our prices – or anything else about your visit with us, just say so and we will give you all of your records back and you won’t owe us a dime.   We want you to be so happy with your treatment and our services that you tell your friends and family about us.  We want you to come and visit us in the ‘off season’ just because you are in the area and you know we are open all year.  We want to take the stress out of tax season for you.  You see, we understand a simple truth:

Nobody can make taxes FUN, but we make them less taxing!

Call us today for an appointment – we Guarantee you will be happy – or it won’t cost you anything.