Advice (good) from the IRS

Every so often the IRS publishes some advice and tips and sends them out to everyone who subscribes.  Most of their advice is either pretty narrowly targeted or just isn’t advice most people need on a regular basis.  So, when I get one of these Tax Topics that is not only targeted to the general public, but is also excellent advice, I pass it along to those who find themselves on my website – in the hopes that I can help them and they come back to read other posts and bring their friends.  We tax geeks typically don’t have a huge circle of friends, so offering good tax advice to the ones we have is our way to try to keep them as friends.

I digress (pretty typical, actually) – so the IRS published this ‘Tax Topic’

Topic 254 – How to Choose a Tax Return Preparer

and in it they talk about the various designations of tax preparers and the ability of each to represent taxpayers before the IRS.  This is the ‘standard’ stuff they talk about.  What sets this one apart, in my mind anyway, is that they then go further and give advise on how to choose a GOOD tax preparer and what to watch out for when talking to a preparer about your taxes.

They have several links that lead to other pages with more good advice.  That advice can keep you out of the ‘tax doghouse’ with the IRS.  Their goal is to keep you from getting involved with a preparer who is on the wrong side of knowledgeable and has only his/her best interest in mind.

While I know this is a short post, it is tax season and I have people staring at me as I type this, so I should probably get back to work – at least, that is the ‘advice’ from the lawyer in the office.