Ok, just a short one here – and I’m going to combine two funny things into one post – because, well, it IS tax season after all, but I didn’t want you to think I abandoned you – which I would never do.  Also, I’m posting these two since I know all my readers have a sense of humor (you’re reading what I’m writing, so that is a pretty safe assumption on my part) and could use a good laugh or two at someone else’s funny (read that as meaning “stupid”) actions.

First ‘funny’ is an e-mail Anne received (below):

Kindly verify your information from a 1040 tax form that you filed within the last six years.

Follow the reference below to verify your identity.

This information is use for identity verification purposes only.

Internal Revenue Service

the link (which I removed for safety purposes) was: which I’ve now linked to one of my sites, since I still don’t want to send someone to an obvious phishing site (even by accident – I like you folks too much) – I liken this type of idiotic email to those folks calling everyone saying they are from Microsoft and that they (Microsoft) has detected a virus on my computer – REALLY?  like Microsoft has the ability to have an employee monitoring my computer for viruses. . . or, even if they DID have that ability, would, out of the kindness of their hearts, DO so.  Or, like the call I just took while writing this, the computers calling to ‘verify’ my Google listing – I find it SO funny the way people and companies seem to assume we are all dim witted, and will just blindly do what they, or a computer they have set up to go through phone numbers one by one on a daily basis, tell us to do.

Second ‘funny’ are the folks who (try to) add comments to my site about everything under the sun, except anything that remotely resembles that they have actually READ anything I’ve written.  I got one today with some rant that droned on and on about some supposed inequity in some far off corner of the world – no, not the ‘hot spots’ we read about, but someplace like Montana or London or someplace where, if there were some inequity actually occurring (other than the normal ones we all face and deal with every day) we would know about them and not need them posted as comments on a tax specific website.  Here’s a hint for all you who think you can put a post on my site that links to your site having nothing to do with taxes – I READ AND MODERATE ALL COMMENTS BEFORE THEY HAVE ANY CHANCE OF POSTING ON MY SITE.  So stop.  Don’t be so funny that you think I don’t care about my readers.  My readers are intelligent, informed people.  Not the kind that fall for your people’s tricks.  Stop trying to add your crap to my site.  Oh, that’s right, you aren’t actually reading this, are you?

So, that’s all for my funny e-mails, phone calls and folks trying to use my site for their advertising for now, stay tuned, i’m sure there will be more as the days go on – there will always be ‘funny people’ who believe there is a sucker born every minute and if they just stick to their inane plan, they will find them eventually.