Misplaced tax return?

It happens all the time – you put something important someplace you KNOW you will remember – and then you promptly forget where you put it.  What’s worse, you forget where you put it right when you need it the most.  If you want to refinance your house or want to buy a house or a car – you will NEED your last year’s tax return. If you have a misplaced tax return what do you do?  Well, you call your tax professional, right?  Good idea, UNLESS they close up on April 16th each year and don’t re-open until the second week in January.

“That can’t happen to me” you say – “I use one of the 3 national tax preparation offices” – well, for the record, two of those “national” chains are actually franchises, which means they can come and go as they wish – the franchise agreement only says the location has to be open one day a week, and it doesn’t specify for how long – so if the owner decides to show up for 10 minutes Sunday morning, well, they have fulfilled their obligation.  The ‘other’ one?  Yes, most of their locations are company owned – but the problem with that is that they have a total of 6 district offices in the entire Phoenix valley.  If you want a copy of your misplaced tax return you may have to drive across town and it may cost you $25.  A misplaced tax return is like having a friend in the hospital – not something you want.

So, what’s a person to do?  Well, like everyone else, my clients are no different.  I’ve had several email or call me to tell me they had a misplaced tax return.  I let them know there is no problem – and within a few hours I get them an encrypted copy of all their tax forms and original documentation – all signed, just like the original.  No charge, no hassle, no long drive – now THAT is service, and your taxes costs no more than at any of the national chains – in fact, last season a client who had their taxes done where they are ‘fun’ paid $260 for that enjoyable two hours he spent in their office.  He spent a total of 25 minutes in my office and was only charged $95 – but then, I don’t pay a homeless person $5 a day to dress up as the Statue of Liberty.

Visit our office – you’ll see the difference right away.  I promise you will be happy you did!